Medieval Turku

The Medieval Turku event, from June 29‒July 2, 2017, tOOK visitors time travelling to 1517 – the year in which Europe took its first steps towards the Protestant Reformation. we CELEBRATED the joyful, bright and exciting Middle Ages in Vanha Suurtori Square, in Turku Cathedral, in Turku Castle, at the Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova Museum, and at Rohan Tallit’s jousting in Cathedral Square.


The Medieval Market in the Old Great Square

The Medieval Market is about marketplace atmosphere: hustle and bustle, happy reunions, rumors and pompous words and vendors selling their wares! You can wonder the masterpieces from various crafters. Children enjoy the medieval games and plays. The Old Town Hall is the place where science, art and fashion shake hands. The minstrels, jesters and troubadours provide a memorable journey to the medieval Turku.

Medieval Turku in Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova

Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova is a museum of history and contemporary art. Aboa Vetus, which has been excavated by archaeologists, invites visitors on a voyage of discovery into history! The remains of six stone-built houses, hundreds of years old, an early street running across the area as well as hundreds of artefacts tell us about the history of the site. The houses were part of the Convent Quarter, populated in the Middle Ages mainly by wealthy merchants.

Medieval Times in Turku Castle

The magnificent Turku Castle has guarded the mouth of River Aura since the end of the 13th century. Its grey stone walls has witnessed unique moments from the history of Finland, Sweden and Nordic countries. Be astonished by the medieval rooms and chambers, glorious renaissance halls and exciting architecture of the castle. Museum exhibitions tell about the castle’s history and on the guided tours you will get acquainted with people and stories of Turku Castle.

The Medieval Turku in the Cathedral

Join in the Protestant Reformation in Turku Cathedral. Get to know the life and works of Finland’s reformer, Mikael Agricola. Let singing, clavichord music and the sound of a Celtic harp transport you into the sixteenth century – and join in the Singing Reformation. Experience traditions that bridge the Reformation in the Divine Service and the Liturgy of the Hours. Dive into Cathedral life in the year 1517.

Rohan Stables Jousting Tournament

The thrill of speed can be experienced at the Rohan Stables Jousting Tournament at Turku Cathedral Square. The tenth anniversary of the stables features competing knights, attempting to show the superiority of their skills. The mounted knights clash at dizzying speeds amongst the flying splinters of shattered lances. There will be some truth and some fiction, a pinch of history, as well as real and imagined figures from the past and the present.

The Medieval Turku is Finland´s best known fair of medieval history. The event in June/July is set in a unique venue right in the heart of the historical city center and in the most remarkable medieval sites of Turku.